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6 Secret Tips for Buying Jewellery for Valentine's Day

6 Secret Tips for Buying Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Are you feeling a little bewildered about choosing the right Valentine’s Day Gift?
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, affection, and admiration. Giving your loved one a valentine’s day present and watching the tantalising unwrapping of it will most certainly bring great pleasure to you too. If you’re looking for a romantic gift deviating from the customary flowers and chocolates, why not opt for something diverse and consider jewellery instead?
1. Look at Her Jewelry Box
Does your special lady wear small, simple items? Or large and flashy ones? Are they one metal colour or of varied and various shapes, colours and sizes? Perhaps she’s a gold enthusiast.  Are her ears pierced? It’s important to know a little about her taste before embarking on a surprise gift.
2. Ask her Bestfriend
A BFF can be a blessing in disguise and can divulge an awful lot about your lady’s taste in jewellery. Hence, making your life a lot easier.
3. Get Her Something with Sentimental Value.
A sentimental gift can evoke a fond memory.  There are birthstones symbolising the month of her birth. Heart-shaped necklaces are romantic, but initial necklaces add a personalised touch.  For a romantic suggestion we have a set of earrings in the shape of a star and moon making them an ideal purchase. 

4.  Buy Matching Items
If you’ve previously purchased a diamond pendant, have you considered pairing it with a set of diamond earrings to match? Or how about a pearl bracelet to pair with a pearl pendant?  Matching sets are a great starter to form a collection of possible gift ideas.  The list could be endless and can range from colours to metals and sizes.
5. Listen to Her
With valentine’s day fast approaching or any other significant date, it is advisable to pay attention to tactful and discreet clues hinted by your lady for her desired gift.  Some couples feel comfortable and at great ease to ask directly.  Is that you?  If not, now would be the time to start noticing the cryptograms!
                                                                                                                                6Watch Her Shop
Does your partner have easy to spot shopping habits? Do you easily identify when she shops and where her favourite stores are?  What occasions call for a shop till you drop event, or is this a regular routine?  Knowing what appeals to your partner, her sense of taste and style will make buying gifts a stress-free experience not to mention a welcomed one.

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