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The 8 Secrets on Buying Woman Jewellery

The 8 Secrets on Buying Woman Jewellery

Treating that special woman in your life to jewellery can be a daunting task, even if you know her well.   It is personal, timeless and a great way to mark a special occasion.
However, it can be difficult to pick the right jewellery, so to aid your search we have made a list of secret tips to help navigate you in the right direction when gifting jewellery to that special someone.
1. Keep it Simple
When in doubt, keep it super simple!  Simple chains with petite pendants, layered rings and everyday earrings always guarantee a smile.
2. Ask for Help
If it’s still mystifying help is usually a stone’s throw away.  Who knows her unquestionably? Mother, girlfriend or sister that could oblige?
3. Observe her Well
Observing and pondering over your loved ones adorned jewels will help in identifying what her signature pieces are.  Does she prefer one type of jewellery over another, i.e., earrings but not bracelets?  Are necklaces and rings part of her daily wear?  If she loves and wears pearls for example, do not buy more of the same.

What metals or gems does she have a preference over? Gold, Silver or stones?  Your first-hand observations will serve you well.
4. Know Her Size
If at all applicable, a word of caution to the wise; ring sizes are crucial to avoid disappointment.  So how do you choose size? Generally, size charts are available at jewellery stores. Measurement tools are also available for more accurate sizing.
5. Give a Gift with Personal Meaning
There’s a reason jewellery is considered an “emotional purchase”
Attaching personal meaning to a gift implies she was thought about when buying it. It will induce strong memories of the person who gifted it and are often held onto for a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations.
6. Go Matchy-Matchy
Women obsess over coordinating and balancing their ensemble with such precision.  From handbags to shoes, shades of eyeshadow to outfits. If you can gift an item of jewellery that complements that red skirt meticulously it could gain you admiration in more ways than one.

As an alternative or even last resort, you may decide to splurge on a pair of earrings that harmonizes with an already owned necklace or pendant.
7. Always Keep the Receipt
The most thoughtful of gift buyers do not always get it right.  Check your jeweller’s refund, exchange and return policy before you buy, and ensure you retain the receipt.
8. Do a Little Social Media Snooping
An overlooked but simple tactic to discover what your partner really likes is through social media.

Does she have a Pinterest account? She may have a jewellery board full of favourited items.  Or even “liked” or “followed” certain jewellers or products on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well. This is a reliable way to determine what she loves!

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